The globally-renowned Li Ka Shing Foundation has provided the Alinker with an unprecedented grant, making it possible for potential users to experience the freedom and joy of our walking bikes, first hand.

To do so, we’ve partnered with non-profit organizations with whom we share a vision for a different kind of future — one in which all people are enabled to live active and socially-engaged lives.

Together, we’re thrilled to present the #keepmoving program.

Our goal is to grow a global collective of Alinker champions, using and sharing the walking bike with people of a kindred mindset.

Alinker brand ambassador Felicia (bilateral below-knee amputee).
Alinker brand ambassador Angel (spinal cord injury).

Try it Out

Join the #keepmoving program to participate in a free trial on an Alinker — and track your health and wellness progress in real time. See for yourself — we believe the results will be too good to ignore!


You’ll track your baseline activity level for one week before receiving your Alinker. After we send you the walking bike, you’ll continue to measure your activity for the duration of your #keepmoving trial.

You’ll join a global community of users, learning and sharing about your active lifestyle on an Alinker.


People who meet the minimum mobility requirements are invited to participate. Those who will benefit most should be able to:

  • Walk to some degree
  • Flex and extend their legs
  • Bear weight on one leg briefly while getting on and off the Alinker
  • Be consciously aware of their surroundings
  • Be aware of their abilities and limitations
  • Have the mindset for wanting to stay active


Participants must be willing to:

  • Commit to using the Alinker every day and monitoring their progress
  • Track their activity
  • Share pre-and post Alinker stories, photos and videos

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